To unblock your calendar, you will need to first log into your CanadaStays account.

  • From the login screen, on the left hand side in the black bar, click on Listings
  • Once you are in Listings, click on the listing you would like to edit
  • From there, under ‘Manage Listing’ click on Calendar
  • Once in Calendar, scroll to the bottom under ‘Detailed Calendar Events’
  • You will then click on the dates in blue which will open up a new window. This will have a red ‘delete’ function to remove this blocked date. It will ask for a confirmation ‘yes’ once you hit delete to confirm these changes.

Please note, you cannot removed blocked dates that have “reserved” or “blocked ical” to the right of the dates under Detailed Calendar Events. It is only dates you have manually added to your calendar that you are able to remove.

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