Save 3% on your fees by becoming Instant Book!

Reservations are automatically accepted and identified in your Dashboard by the Instant Book lightning bolt.

  • Earn More - Travellers want to book instantly. Expect an increase in bookings and inquires.
  • Rank Higher - Get boosted in our search results and stand out with an exclusive lightning bolt.
  • Save Time - Spend less time responding to travellers.
  • Stay in Control - Set your house rules; Cancel penalty-free if travellers don’t meet your rules

If you’d rather spend your time responding to inquiries and requests, you may always switch back to manually accepting requests by clicking the blue text that reads: “disable Instant Book”.

What Are The Benefits of Instant Booking?

  • Instant Book listings will save you time, energy, and money!
  • Save time by auto-accepting all of your Booking Requests
  • Save energy by letting us accept your Reservations for you
  • Save money - if your listing is subscription, we waive the 3% owner fees

How do I make my listings Instant Book?

Click here to learn how to make your listings Instant Bookable.

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